Transport and forwarding

Domestic and EU

We guarantee a professional organization of goods transport both domestically and internationally, in conjunction with handling services.
We believe that a satisfied customer is the key to our success.

Domestic and EU transport

– with us always on time

The modern fleet and competence of our team guarantee efficient, timely and safe execution of domestic transport orders within the EU and Switzerland. We give high priority to every transport, so with us you can be sure that your shipment will arrive on time intact. Our experience and qualifications allow us to carry out the most demanding orders.


Full truck load

transport (FTL)

Full truckload transport is nothing more than transporting cargo with the whole load area reserved at the same time. As part of FTL transport, the freight is collected from the sender and delivered directly to the addressee. FTL transport is carried out by vehicles with load capacity ranging from 33-38 pallet places and load capacity up to 24T, using our own fleet and the fleet of our proven carriers. We have a type of trailer: Standard, Mega, Set up to 120 cbm.



transport (LTL)

The groupage transport consists of a large number of different packages in small sizes. General cargo usually has dispersed recipients and shippers, which requires additional efficiency and precision of the logistics operator. LTL transport is carried out by vehicles with a capacity of 10 to 33 pallets on fixed distribution lines in the European Union countries. This solution allows to optimize transport costs of smaller quantities of goods. At the special request of our customers, we deliver in the “Just In Time” system.




It’s the best form of transport in critical situations. Express transport works in the “door-to-door” system and consists in collecting goods from the place of production and delivering them to the final recipient in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the high availability of our own vehicles, as well as the cooperation with proven carriers, we are able to deliver a car in a selected EU city. The express transport service guarantees the fastest delivery time by land.




Dedicated transport works in a ‘door to door’ system, without reloading or recharging. The vehicle that transports the customer’s shipment is reserved for one order only, within one route.

Lightweight groupage transport

We organize transportation of fast groupage deliveries by means of cars with load capacity from 5 to 10 EPAL (1000-1500kg). Our cooperation with the largest courier companies guarantees an efficient flow of orders both in Poland and abroad.

Full control of the transport flow

Constant contact with the dispatchers and their supervision over the proper course of transport gives us current and full information about the status of the order.






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Transport and forwarding

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