logistics services

We provide comprehensive warehouse service, which includes: reception, storage, packaging, delivery of parcels, always with the highest standards of quality and quantity control.

Two distribution centers

– always on the way

Our warehouses are located in the centre of the country, near the main road arteries.

Our facilities meet the highest standard available on the market (class A),

comply with the requirements of the HACCP system and are under constant control of the State Sanitary Inspectorate.

10 000 m2


25 thousand

pallet spaces

10 – 12,5 m

maximum storage capacity

24 / 7

transhipment services

Permanent camera surveillance

security 24/7

Security station

in the

Distribution Centres

Permanent temperature

and humidity monitoring

In order to ensure appropriate storage conditions for our products, we constantly monitor the environmental conditions. Our storage facilities are equipped with modern measurement technology using IT solutions that provide us with constant access to up-to-date data on temperature and humidity in the warehouses.

WMS with dedicated


We have a warehouse management system, which gives us the possibility of quick verification of warehouse resources from a web browser. This solution allows us not only to efficiently manage warehouse logistics, but it also works perfectly well in the optimization of warehouse processes through the possibility of sending instructions for receipt and release of goods.


navigation system

The implemented Jungheinrich warehouse navigation system optimizes the movement of the trolleys and improves the efficiency of warehouse processes. The combination of navigation with system trolleys, we get an optimization of storage space as well as an increase in work safety.


Cross-docking consists in reloading or repacking the goods and then sending them directly from the warehouse to the recipient without the need for additional storage. This solution allows you to effectively reduce the cost of storage of goods and at the same time optimize delivery time.






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Transport and forwarding

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