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We provide comprehensive services of packaging, packaging replacement, repacking and picking of goods, preparation of promotional kits and labeling.

1. Co-packing of sales stands and packages

The co-packing service is most often used by food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clothing and online shops. How it works? The customer delivers the goods to us without packaging, in damaged packaging or in collective packaging. Often the packaging of delivered products is also unsuitable for distribution in the country, due to the lack of Polish descriptions on the boxes. Based on the customer’s guidelines, we re-wrap the products, preparing them for shipment.

2. Repackaging

The product repackaging service is nothing more than moving articles from collective packaging into individual items or picking individual items. Repackaging often involves replacing product packaging due to damage or rebranding.

3. Labelling, tagging

Labelling and labelling services are carried out manually and by machine. We apply labels and tags to various types of products, including packaging: glass, plastic, paper or cardboard. Our technical facilities enable us to carry out each order efficiently and with the highest standards of performance.

4. Foil wrapping

The experience of our team allows us to realize diverse orders in the field of foil wrapping, among others: promotional kits, industrial goods, advertising materials, magazines, calendars, cosmetics, multipacks and much, much more. We operate on machines of renowned manufacturers, which improve the filming process – in shrink film or foil bags. The materials used by us guarantee a high level of protection against damage to the filmed products, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

5. Packaging

The packaging service is addressed to various industries, and the entire packaging process is the final stage of packaging the goods, just before they are finally put on sale. As part of packaging, we sort, collate, pack and label products according to customer requirements.

6. Completing promotional sets

We offer completing promotional sets. The experience of our employees guarantees fast and timely execution of the order, especially during hot sales periods, such as the holiday season. You provide us with the product and details regarding the final appearance of the promotional kit, and we deliver the completed kits to you.






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