We answer all your complex logistics solutions needs. We tailor all our services to individual needs of our clients. The quality of our services is our primary objective.

Logistics specifications of the warehouse:
  • A heated 2700m2 warehouse with the capacity of 4000 europallets
  • High-specs facility:
    – loading bay up to 3.5 tonnes
    – fully adjustable shelving units-up to 10 metres
    – specialized cargo handling equipment (forklifts,electric pallet trucks, reach forklifts)
    – the facility for loading/unloading trailers
    – dust-free floor
    – monitoring and 24 h security


Logistics services on offer:
  • Warehouse logistics-taking delivery of goods, storage and issuing of pallets and bulk goods
  • Loading/unloading vehicles, cross-docking (vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to warehouse to vehicle)
  • Packaging, order picking, palletising,quality and quantity control,securing of goods
  • Own fleet (trailers,rigids, lorries up to 13.6ldm, B-doubles 7.70 +7.70;3mH-;24t)
  • 24 h access to information on stored goods
  • Full comprehensive insurance of the warehouse and goods stored


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